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Buy reliable, viable vegetable seeds. All varieties germination tested.

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We understand the vegetable gardener's frustrations with seed purchases, and we are committed to selling superior products.

Here at Heirloom Select Seeds, harvests are done at just the right time, seeds carefully processed, packed and labeled, one variety at a time. Our season starts with organically rich soil and the healthiest heirloom plants, and ends with seeds from only the finest fruits.  Each lot of seeds is germination tested in accordance with Federal Seed Act requirements before it is offered for sale. Our customers can be sure of reliable, strong starts, and fruits that are true to type. With Heirloom Select Seeds, you can know what you grow.  We usually ship same or next business day, so expect to get your seeds fast!  To learn more, click About Us.  To review and buy, just click on the varieties tabs at the top of this page, and fill your cart!  Our apologies in advance for sold out selections. 

We thank you for your business, and look forward to serving you season after season.
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